/Z in need of Rescue

Z in need of Rescue

I still have Z car searches from Craigslist show up in my Outlook RSS feeds from when I had the big hunt for my next Z going on last year.  From time to time they’ll catch my eye and I’ll pop over and take a look at the details.  Today one grabbed my attention and when I looked at the exterior photos it appeared to be well cared for.


As I got to photos of the interior it looked a little less cared for and then came the engine bay shot.  At first I just thought to myself it was very dirty and hadn’t had any real attention paid to it and then I looked closer and realized it was missing the timing belt covers!  I guess the car will run fine like that but there is no way in the world that is ideal!  To each his own I guess but I can’t imagine why they didn’t put them back on.