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My 300ZX Plans

It has been a while since I have posted anything here but I wanted to just drop a quick update.  The car is mostly just sitting in the garage waiting for me to get enough time and money to get the parts I need to replace the timing belt and install AMS pulleys, etc.  It is not running as it should and a stretched timing belt is my next guess.  If that doesn’t fix it then it is likely a compression issue in which case it is RB26DETT time.

I drove the Z to work last week since my wife’s S430 had an airmatic strut go out that I had to replace.  While I was driving the Z I decided to try to find a picture of a white Z in Japan that I hope my car looks like some day.  The one in these photos below is very close with everything but the wheels.  I’m still leaning towards the G35 coupe 17″ staggered wheels for that.  Anyway, this is a 1999 in Japan that I found for sale on some website and just wanted to share the photos here.

Z’eroing in – My 300ZX Search

The search for my next 300ZX is about 3 months old now and I may have finally made up my mind to make a move on one.  This is a white 1996 2+2 that is for sale in Kentucky and I have been in talks with the owner the past couple of days trying to iron out the details.

This could be the one.

This car is VIN JN1RZ26D8TX590627 which is one of only 19 White 5 speed 2+2s made in 1996 that had the charcoal interior.  From the pictures that I have seen it looks to be in very good condition, the owner is getting the fender replaced and painted so it should be cosmetically sound.  If I do end up with this car I haven’t decided the first thing that I will do to it.  I may opt to do the wheels depending on how much tread the tires have left.  I don’t think that it has the kind of exhaust on it that I like so I may end up going with a new exhaust and intake as my first upgrade.

Once again, I’m just rambling now but I wanted to post this quick update that the search may be over and the fun is just about to begin.

Possibly another one of the chosen 300ZXs

I ran across this 1995 300ZX on craigslist a few days ago.  I had emailed the owner when I first saw it to find out if it was a 2+2 but never heard back so I had forgotten about it.  I noticed the link in my browser history and clicked on it today and recalled that I hadn’t followed up on this one.  I still can’t tell for sure from the photos if it is a 2+2 or not, it seems like maybe it’s not but I definitely need to find out.  If it is then I have some quick research to do (VIN look-up) and then decide if I want to put in an offer on it.

1995 Nissan 300ZX

I could definitely go for a black car even though the pictures confirm to me more than ever that the interior on all U.S. models is gray or charcoal I believe it is called.  As I have mentioned though, my plans include to one day redo the leather and suede in the interior to be a dark tan color so the color of the leather is a non issue.  The color of the other plastic parts in the interior though, that is an issue.  I think a black car, when it is clean, is one of sleekest colors you can get.  The “when it is clean” part is where it gets tricky; they tend to get dirty pretty quickly.

I’ll for sure continue to follow up on this Z32 while keeping my eyes peeled for any more that come available.  I almost wish I had the patience to wait until the fall or winter when the prices on some of these might drop but then I think that there might not even be any available at that time.  Perhaps if I did wait though I would get lucky and there is some great dad out there who currently owns a 1995 Red 2+2 who will need to buy his kids some awesome Christmas presents and have to part with his beloved vehicle…  a man can dream.  Reality is, I’ll never wait that long!