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Triple snake eyes.

No fear, I’m still here.  I’ve been a little down on the Z lately since I spent quite a bit of money and time to change the fuel injectors, etc. and it still doesn’t run right.  I’m suspecting now that it’s a timing issue, at least I hope that is what it is.  I’ll put a post or 2 out here about the work I’ve done so far before too long but I wanted to just say that I haven’t forgotten about my little ole blog.

Oh, and here is a thread I ran across yesterday that I find very interesting as I plan do to this swap in the future on this Z or another.  My budget, skills, tools and garage space aren’t quite there yet though.

My Z had a milestone that you don’t see very often on the way home from work yesterday so I snapped a photo of it and thought I’d share.

I’m still here, contemplating my next move…

I haven’t posted in a bit and wanted to jump on here real quick to add some photos of my 300ZX.  I’ve had it for a few days now so I’ve had a chance to look it over quite a bit.  I haven’t found anything majorly wrong with it that needs immediate attention but I think I will be due for some major work soon.  The transmission makes a whining noise in 2nd and 4th gear so I know I’ll likely need to replace that or have it rebuilt.  The car rides really rough so I’m guessing new struts all around are also in order.  The exhaust is pretty rusted and I was wanting to replace that at some point anyway.  I also need to get the motor checked out for compression, etc. just to make sure it’s not about to leave me stranded.  I have no idea when the last time the timing belt was replaced was so unless I can find out that information from the previous owner’s Nissan dealer then I’ll want to do that soon.

Here are some random photos of the Z…

Something to hold my cups please.

I was on my way to work the other day in my Nissan Frontier with my big glass of water that I usually bring with me.  I was thinking that in a few days maybe I’ll be driving my next 300ZX to work and then I remembered something about my former 300… there are no cup-holders!  I used to just take out the ashtray and put a cup there but that gets in the way of shifting, especially if you are sporting a big gulp or the like.  I have started doing a little research on what aftermarket products are available these days to solve this “problem” and was disappointed to see that there really aren’t that many.  There is one that I saw on that you place where the ashtray is and it allows for 2 cups.  I would think that one would get in the way as well and possibly not secure the cups very well while turning sharply at a decent speed.  I also saw a craigslist listing where this gal had a more practical looking cup holder that fits on the passenger side near the parking brake.  I asked her what kind of cup holder it was and she said she got it at Autozone.  It turns out that one just slides between the passenger seat and the console so I’m not real sure how secure it is either but it’s cheap enough that I’ll probably buy one just to use for now and see how it works out.

I searched on Google to try and see if maybe someone had done some modifications to the console storage area or lid but couldn’t find any for the Z32; I did see several for the 240SX.  It has me thinking that maybe I can figure out a way to fabricate some sort of practical cup-holder for my 300 that doesn’t look extremely out of place and if it works well then maybe that’s the thing that makes me rich and famous!  OK, maybe I’m taking a step outside of reality there but I do plan to try and make something that will hold my cups for me while I’m cruising down the highway.

2010-07-30 UPDATE: The first thing that I did after I purchased my 300ZX was to buy gas for the long trip back and then I headed to Autozone to buy the above mentioned cup-holder.  It came in very handy on the trip back to hold my drinks, change, cell phone, etc.