/Finally a cosmetic enhancement, upgraded 300ZX to G35 wheels

Finally a cosmetic enhancement, upgraded 300ZX to G35 wheels

My wheels arrived in a very timely manner and I have installed them on the Z.  I think it gives the car a much more updated look.  When I was deciding what wheels to get I wanted something that was upgraded but didn’t appear to be upgraded.  I get that there are some wheels that people put on cars that are meant to draw attention but that’s not what I was going for.  I just wanted them to look better than stock and like they belong, I call it mission accomplished.  The great thing about these is they are made by Nissan and the Z center cap fits them perfectly so this swap should not offend most Z purists, well, it doesn’t offend me anyway.

As with everything it seems that I’ve gotten into with this car (I have a few more blogs I need to enter at some point about the fuel injector install and timing belt) there is always something unexpected that I run into and even a simple wheel/tire swap is no exception.  When I got the G35 wheels all put on I realized there was very minimal clearance between the front passenger tire and the front fender-well, I couldn’t even get a finger between them but could get 2 fingers easily on the driver side.  Therefore that tire rubs while turning and that’s not ideal.  I am positive it has to do with the previous owner replacing the fender himself after a minor collision, it’s never been lined up correctly.  So before I can drive it and show off my new wheels to the world I need to take all of that off and try to put it back on properly.  If history tells me anything there will be some parts broken or missing and I’ll be spending some ca$h with Z1 motorsports or Courtesy Nissan to get those replaced.

At any rate, the car looks better now I believe, the lighting in the before picture wasn’t as good with the sun still beaming but you should be able to get the idea.