/Z car mechanic on the cheap

Z car mechanic on the cheap

Since my last post I’ve done quite a bit checking on the Z.  The car feels incredibly underpowered to me and it lags horribly when taking off from a stop.  It also idles rough.  I did some checking and ran into a post on twinturbo.net that described my problems perfectly with one simple solution; replace the fuel injectors.  It sounds easy enough in theory but as anyone who has worked on a Z32 before will know there is quite a bit of work involved in getting to them.  You have to remove the intake manifold (plenum) and this requires the removal of several hoses, etc. along the way.  Once I have this off I plan on trying to do the timing belt as well since I have been unable to find out when it was last done.  I’m also going to put new seals on the valve covers because it appears to me to be leaking oil on the passenger side.  I will likely also take this opportunity to replace anything else that appears to need it.

I’m sure I’ll learn a lot or end up having to tow it into a mechanic with a box full of parts to get it completed.  Either way this car is in bad need of several things and I wish that I would have inspected it more closely before I finalized the purchase.  I probably paid $1000 too much but it’s hard to say since these cars are becoming harder and harder to find.