/Z Car Rescue – A worthy cause

Z Car Rescue – A worthy cause

I’ve been shopping for a new 300ZX for a few months now so I feel somewhat in tune with the condition of the Z cars that are for sale.  I’ve seen them sitting in the back yard with no t-tops or windows getting rained on, stripped apart from limb to limb and just generally in bad condition.  I feel for those Z cars but as one man I’m not sure there is anything I can do at this time.  Maybe someday I’ll have more money, space and time to buy some Z cars in need of rescue and restore them.  Until that time I wanted to start this section where I post photos of cars in need of rescue.

Today’s Z Car Rescue feature car is one that has made it around the forums since it was posted on craigslist a few years ago.  I realize this may be someone’s style so I’m going to try hard not to knock it; instead I will just say that as a guy who likes the “stock” look this one definitely does not work for me.