/Trying to find the right Z

Trying to find the right Z

I haven’t had any real luck lately in my 300ZX search but I’m sure the perfect one will pop up soon… or will it?  I thought maybe I am being too picky on the colors that I’ve narrowed it down to (basically red, white, black and silver) which leaves only 272 with black interiors that were made in 1994, 1995 and 1996.  I decided to see how many of all colors were made in those years and it turns out there were only 332 so even if I decide that I will settle for a purple or green one then that doesn’t improve my chances all that much.

I decided to open the search up to all colors because I had a thought, if I could save money by finding one in need of a paint job maybe I could paint it yellow like some of the J-Spec late 90s models that I have seen.  Yellow would certainly be a unique color here in the US for a 2+2 or any Z for that matter.  I would have to have the paint job done right and take the car down to it’s skivvies to make sure none of the original color could be seen.  I then have thoughts that maybe that is the wrong thing to do, to not keep the car with it’s factory color but I’m probably just being too straight laced there.  At any rate, I’m still searching, I ran across a purple one in Colorado that looks pretty solid but I haven’t 100% decided on operation-yellow.

The next thing that I’ve noticed is that the interior on these U.S. cars is not black.  I’ve seen photos of Z32s with black in their interiors but maybe that is just a J-Spec thing?  This also throws a kink in my plans because I don’t think the gray interior will look as nice with the tan leather as black would.  I guess I am going to have to research if you can buy J-Spec OEM dash and interior parts for left hand drive cars.  Now my mind is really spinning, so the thought then crosses my mind, if I’m going to have to buy new interior parts anyway then maybe I should add the tan interior as an option I’d consider?  I looked at the Z Registry to see how many 5 speed 2x2s where made with all colors and all interiors from 1994-1996 and there were 591.  Well, now it appears I have some more thinking to do but for now I plan on being open to any color that I see and will only judge the car based on condition and price (including the cost to get it here to Oklahoma).

You can probably tell that I am pretty wishy washy during this search, it seems that I learn something new every day.  I don’t pretend to be a Z car expert although I’d like to be someday.