/Preparing to give my Z car a home

Preparing to give my Z car a home

There is a little work to be done here.

Now that I am about to finalize the purchase of my next Z I have been thinking about the first thing that I’m going to do with it when I get it home.  First things first though; I am going to want to park it in the garage and I don’t want to kick any of the other cars out of the garage so I need to clean up the 3rd bay which has basically been used as storage and a collect-all for 11 years.  I spent a day this weekend taking stuff up to the attic and to our storage shed to make room for my Fairlady.  I’m not sure I’ve done anything for a while that required that much physical effort so I’m a little sore right now but that might just be more of that oldmanitis.  At any rate, I did get the garage cleaned out good enough to fit another car so now I just need to get that car to its new home.

Now it's ready to house the Z

I’m getting excited about heading out next week to purchase the car and I’m looking forward to driving it back to Oklahoma.  I’ll be driving it back this Thursday and won’t get back home until probably around 10 or 11 PM and then I’ll turn around and go into work on Friday morning.  I know I’ll be eager come Saturday to be up with the roosters and get this car out so I can clean every inch of it.  It doesn’t matter how clean it is when I buy it I’m sure I can spend a few hours on it.  Once I get it shined up I’ll probably do a photo shoot with it and throw some pictures on here.

It will be nice to finally use the 3rd bay in our garage for another car, especially one that I am so eager to have.