/Ice Road Trucking – Nissan Frontier Lessons

Ice Road Trucking – Nissan Frontier Lessons

It was early December of 2007 a little more than 5 months since I had totaled my silver Frontier and it was cold in Oklahoma.  The roads were a bit icy on this particular morning but I decided to head into work anyway.  I hopped in my maroon (red brawn) Frontier and headed off to work.  It is about a 15 mile drive to work on the back roads.

The first half of the trip went well, I wasn’t really having any trouble with the ice and was taking it slow.  I came to a 4 way stop where I needed to turn left and head up a slight hill to proceed.  I saw there was already someone’s jeep in the ditch near the hill but I took that left turn anyway.   As I headed up the hill my truck slowly started to slide off of the road towards the vehicle that was already in the ditch but I was able to get the truck stopped before hitting it.

So there I was stopped near the side of the road plotting my next move when I realized my truck was sliding backwards down the hill.  I tried to stomp on the brakes harder but that did nothing so I attempted to accelerate with no luck.  I realized I was just along for the ride and braced myself as the truck slid off in the ditch at the intersection and scraped a stop sign from the back to the front of the passenger side.  The stop sign was lodged in the wheel well so I could not continue backing down the road to get out.  I called Shelley to let her know what happened and then started looking for the number of a tow truck.  Luckily before I called for a tow this nice gentleman who lived nearby offered to pull me out of the ditch.  Once he got me out I took the long way back home with the sound of plastic scraping on my tire the whole way.

The lesson that I learned on this day was that maybe I need to consider a 4 wheel drive frontier for my next one and if you have the option to telecommute to work on bad weather days then you should always choose to do so.

Here are some pictures of the damage that I took after I got back home that day-