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300ZX gets much needed oil change

300ZX OEM Oil FilterI’ve admittedly not been giving the attention to my 300zx that it deserves, as evidenced by my lack of updates on this site. When a simple oil change is all I have to post about as of late then that tells me I need to get back on the project of reviving this car. It just logged 123,000 miles and I’ve been using it as my daily driver for the last couple of months so it’s time for me to get the TLC flowing again for this baby.

As I mentioned in the previous post I got a bit discouraged last year after getting a new clutch installed.  I had taken it to some folks who I thought would know better than me how to put the clutch in and as far as I can tell they did that part okay but ever since then the car vibrates pretty noticeably around 40 mph.  I’ve had it in a couple of shops and no one can figure out what is wrong.  I’ve been told it was a bad wheel so I purchased a new one to no avail.  I also was told it was the tires so I swapped out the G35 wheels and tires with the originals but it still had the same vibration.  I suspect it has something to do with the drive-shaft being out of balance since this didn’t start happening until they had that off to replace the clutch.  I guess I’ve gotten used to it at this point but I’m determined to track down this problem and get it fixed and I’ll update this site with information when I do.

I also had this shop weld on some cheap-ish Magnaflow mufflers (and cats) while they had it in since the OEM ones were pretty rusted out.  This little quick-fix project didn’t turn out well, the car is obnoxiously loud for my tastes and it doesn’t quite have the sound I like to parade around with.  It gets pretty unbearable inside at certain RPMs.  I’ll take a video of this noise and post it out here for all to “enjoy” here shortly.  This sound along with the vibration kept me from driving it for about six months while I just pondered whether to sell it and find another project car.  At this point I plan to stick with this one and get it to where I envision it can be… despite all of this and a few other little annoyances it is a blast to drive and I can only imagine how fun it will be once I get all of this stuff taken care of!


I’m still around

I was just thinking recently how I kind of let this site go stagnant and haven’t posted anything in a while.  I’ve been pretty discouraged with the Z lately and it seems like the money I do spend on it to help it get by just makes it worse.  I will elaborate later but let’s just say it’s still running rough and it’s louder than ever (not in a good way) with some magnaflow catalytic converters and mufflers I had welded on and it vibrates a bit around 40 mph after I had the same folks replace the clutch with a Z1 clutch.  It still looks good though.


Z in need of Rescue

I still have Z car searches from Craigslist show up in my Outlook RSS feeds from when I had the big hunt for my next Z going on last year.  From time to time they’ll catch my eye and I’ll pop over and take a look at the details.  Today one grabbed my attention and when I looked at the exterior photos it appeared to be well cared for.


As I got to photos of the interior it looked a little less cared for and then came the engine bay shot.  At first I just thought to myself it was very dirty and hadn’t had any real attention paid to it and then I looked closer and realized it was missing the timing belt covers!  I guess the car will run fine like that but there is no way in the world that is ideal!  To each his own I guess but I can’t imagine why they didn’t put them back on.