/My 300ZX Plans

My 300ZX Plans

It has been a while since I have posted anything here but I wanted to just drop a quick update.  The car is mostly just sitting in the garage waiting for me to get enough time and money to get the parts I need to replace the timing belt and install AMS pulleys, etc.  It is not running as it should and a stretched timing belt is my next guess.  If that doesn’t fix it then it is likely a compression issue in which case it is RB26DETT time.

I drove the Z to work last week since my wife’s S430 had an airmatic strut go out that I had to replace.  While I was driving the Z I decided to try to find a picture of a white Z in Japan that I hope my car looks like some day.  The one in these photos below is very close with everything but the wheels.  I’m still leaning towards the G35 coupe 17″ staggered wheels for that.  Anyway, this is a 1999 in Japan that I found for sale on some website and just wanted to share the photos here.