Pawn Stars – 1980 280ZX 10th Anniversary Edition

I was watching Pawn Stars not too long ago on the History Channel and was surprised to see a 280ZX being brought in for sale. It was a 1980 10th Anniversary Edition 280ZX, one of only 500 Red and Black ones that were made. The paint seemed to be in pretty rough condition since the owner had painted it himself and the motor had some issues.

What was funny was the owner initially wanted $28,000 for it saying it could be sold for $60,000 or more.  I haven’t done a lot of pricing on these particular models but I doubt they go for that much unless they have been stored since the day the rolled off of the showroom floor.

They ended up not buying it but it was nice to see a 280ZX on the tube for the first time since who knows when, even if it wasn’t pristine, not many are.

3 thoughts on “Pawn Stars – 1980 280ZX 10th Anniversary Edition”

  1. It seems to me the owner should have sold it to a tuning shop specializing in Datsun/Nissan vehicles. I suspect a tuner would’ve had some ideas on how to modify it.

    1. Yes, I haven’t watched this show in a while but it always seemed like the people that sell items to this pawn shop would be better off selling them to someone who has an interest in the particular item. Most of them are just looking for quick money though and will sell priceless family heirlooms for a quick $1000!

  2. Looking back at this page I know I have posted on this subject…Why..well I have been the owner of the pawn stars 280zx for about 7 years..check out …classic car club of Bellingham on can see the transformation

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