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It’s about time, Z timing belt replacement.

I have not been good about keeping this updated but hopefully soon I’ll have some more to share.  I recently began the process of replacing the timing belt on my 300ZX.  I have most everything off at this time that needs to come off now I just need to place an order to get the parts I need from z1motorsports.com.



I am hoping that this corrects the problems with hesitation and overall ‘just not running right’ that I am experiencing with this car.  If not I’m afraid I’ll have to be looking at an engine rebuild/swap as my next major project.  I recently tested the compression though and it seems OK so maybe this will do the trick.  Stay tuned…

Z Car Rescue – A worthy cause

I’ve been shopping for a new 300ZX for a few months now so I feel somewhat in tune with the condition of the Z cars that are for sale.  I’ve seen them sitting in the back yard with no t-tops or windows getting rained on, stripped apart from limb to limb and just generally in bad condition.  I feel for those Z cars but as one man I’m not sure there is anything I can do at this time.  Maybe someday I’ll have more money, space and time to buy some Z cars in need of rescue and restore them.  Until that time I wanted to start this section where I post photos of cars in need of rescue.

Today’s Z Car Rescue feature car is one that has made it around the forums since it was posted on craigslist a few years ago.  I realize this may be someone’s style so I’m going to try hard not to knock it; instead I will just say that as a guy who likes the “stock” look this one definitely does not work for me.

My search for a 300zx – Coming to my senses.

I think I’m starting to realize that there aren’t many cars out there that meet all of my expectations and of those that are out there the chances that one will come up for sale are pretty slim.  I ran across this white 1996 300ZX 2+2 in Kentucky over a month ago in my search but since it was so far away and had damage I opted to wait and see if something better came along.  Now I’m starting to realize there is a real possibility that nothing better will come along.

I started out wanting a white 300 and then decided that red was the color that I must have.  Now that I have done a lot more looking around and have seen what else is out there I realize that there are quite a few red ones that have been fixed up nicely.  That doesn’t necessarily deter me from doing the same but I rarely see a white one that has been upgraded in the way that I would plan on upgrading.  Another thing that I thought about is that the first Z car that I ever had was white so this color makes perfect sense, not to mention I think it looks pretty sharp when it’s all waxed up.

This car was initially listed at $6500 and then the day after he listed it someone backed into the front passenger side fender so he dropped the price to $5400 (he has since gone to $5000).  I have considered pulling the trigger many times but just can’t seem to figure out the most cost effective way to get it back to Oklahoma.  The last time I communicated with him he was getting the fender fixed and told me that he’d send photos once that is done.  I’m not sure yet what he will be asking for the car once that is fixed but I hope it doesn’t increase too much.  If the price is still right after the repairs and the car is still available I will be making the move to finalize this purchase and at that point I’ll figure out exactly how to get the deal done remotely as well as getting it here.  I would assume the safe bet for the owner and myself is to use a service like escrow.com to complete the transaction but then I think he might not go for that if it’s going to be a week or 2 before I can get to Kentucky to pick it up.  I’ve purchased cars remotely before without using a service like that so I might just use those methods which rely on good old fashioned honesty.

I’ll pull up the VIN search that I did on this car from autocheck.com later today and refresh my memory.  Then I probably need to call the owner and discuss the details.  I am tired of searching and if I even remotely think this is the one I need to jump on it before it’s gone.

UPDATE: I contacted the seller and he still has the car.  It should be out of the repair shop on Tuesday.  I put in an offer on the car so we’ll see how it goes.  If he accepts it I’ll hopefully be flying out to Lexington, KY sometime this week!