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  1. Hi Jason thanks for posting this great picture of your cars dash lights . As you know many of us have the same complaint about the dash being way to dim. For the past few years my vision has been getting worse and rarely drive my z , but this would really help me . Would you be so kinda and itemize the list of bulbs required to do this conversion and i will get a friend a radio/ remote starter installer to put these bulbs in . Did you change the bulb around the key ring and the ashtray and trunk area ???? . thanks in advance for your consideration warren

  2. Hey Warren, I apologize for the delay approving this comment, I have to weed through a bit of spam on this site and sometimes the legitimate ones get missed.

    Here is a link to the article where I discussed the links I used to upgrade those lights:


    Here is the excerpt from it:

    “To fix the dash too dim issue I basically followed this write up:


    The only thing I did differently was instead of changing the LEDs over to the OEM holders to make them fit (I broke one of the LED wires trying this, order extra if you do it!) I took note of why they weren’t fitting and used a razor blade to shave off a bit of the plastic on the part that locks it into place so that they would fit in there.

    The result is a much brighter instrument cluster (I also added the Z1 motorsports chrome rings while I was in there)”

    I hope this helps!

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