4 thoughts on “300ZX after G35 Coupe wheels installed.”

    1. Hi Peter, sorry for the delayed reply, I missed this message originally. The size I ended up going with was 245/40-17 on the front and 255/40-17 on the rear.

      1. Did you notice any issues with going so wide? Not in terms of rubbing, but in terms of ride quality? Harsher ride? Slower acceleration?

        I’ve got a 93 white NA coupe and have a local set of these wheels I’m considering. I really just want a square setup (7.5”) with 225 width but don’t want to be disappointed with a worse ride quality due to these wheels being so heavy.

        Thx, look fwd to your response.

  1. Also would it be crazy to put 225s on both the 7.5” fronts and the 8” rears?

    I drive the car like a classic and want to maintain it without abusing it.

    Great write ups on your car

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